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Add regulatory notices, Compliance Statements or Disclaimers to your site or your posts.

Get Regulatory Notices

What is a plugin?

If you think of WordPress plugins as ‘apps’ then you are most of the way there to understanding what they can do and how they work. If you have a smart phone, then you know there are a variety of apps out there you can download. They are all created by different people or developers, some are free and some are not; and some are much more useful than others.

Plugins are essentially the same thing as an app that provides added functionality or services to your WordPress website.

So if there is some fictionality that you want to add to your site or a problem that you need to solve there may well be an add out there for it. If not then you can have one written for you. Contact us to discuss your needs and find out how we may help.

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Our ability to write plugins for you means that not only can we provide a stand alone single solution but we can integrate your WordPress web site with our Client Relationship Management System, our HR and MIS system. The terms of use for all of our SAAS products can be found here.