CRM enables you to target prospects and build strong relationships with customers, manage sales and help improve customer service. Whilst every company today wants to improve its sales the more forward thinking are also looking to their existing clients base to stop clients ‘defecting’ to other providers and to sell the already happy customers more.Easy to use and fast to set-up, Fern Leaf CRM can be tailored to match your individual business needs as we believe one size does not fit all. CRM has been difficult for some companies to engage with and we feel that the inflexibility of most products is one reason. The other is that people of all levels need to use the system and therefore it has to be right not only for the company but for the users.

Our system can be personalised so that everyone can have their own interface, or dashboard. It will show information and statistics that are pertinent to the user and their position in the company and it will engage users user the social conversations that are built into the system.


Contact Management

  • Full view of Contact details
  • 360 view of Accounts
  • Lead Management
  • Quickly find info with Global Search

Activity Management

  • Meetings, Tasks, Notes, and Attachments all in one place
  • Roll Up to see activities from related records
  • Latest activities widget, easy view of historical information

Deal Tracking

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Create and Manage Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline
  • Probability of Closure


  • CRM Gamification rewards end users
  • Scores & Badges
  • Achievement & Status
  • Proven to improve User Adoption



  • Report on virtually any set of records
  • Drag and Drop Filters
  • Customize, save, share Reports
  • Charting includes 3D Bar Graphs, Donut, Pie, etc.



  • Create custom Workflows with drag and drop wizard
  • Trigger email alerts or actions
  • Keeping track of events as they occur
  • Get notified on upcoming or elapsed events

Marketing Automation

marketing automation

  • Create and send Email Marketing campaigns
  • Schedule Autoresponders
  • Build and embed Web Forms that link directly to CRM
  • Manage Campaigns

Product Management

marketing automation

  • Create Product Catalogs
  • Integrate Products with Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts
  • Manage Product Items and quantities


  • Roles
  • Groups
  • Permissions, Rights, Policies
  • Ad-hoc teams


  • Custom fields, layouts and labels
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Calculated fields
  • Dependent dropdowns


  • Restful API
  • Google Mapping / Geocode
  • Currency updator4m
  • Email archiving

On The Go

  • Tablet Ready
  • iOS Ready
  • Android Ready


  • Language Packs
  • Real Time Currency Conversion
  • Multiple Timezone support

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Our Client Relationship Management System will integrate with both our HR and MIS system. The terms of use for all of our SAAS products can be found here.