Cost Reduction Service

How we save you money

Fern Leaf Auditors are a specialised part of our company. In gathering information directly from our clients we can apply a forensic analysis and devise bespoke solutions based on our experience. We fully appreciate that every client’s business is different and will work with them to design and execute business wide improvements, making sure that we engage both staff and senior management as we proceed.

What we can do for you

All of our clients have full access to our cost reduction team. We provide an independent review of your business expenditure and deliver a bespoke solution. The wide range of experience provided by our team enables us to look at all of your business processes from sales to back office administration and accounting. We will identify areas of greatest savings with you and focus on the areas that you feel will provide the greatest savings to your business.

Managing costs

While there is no such thing as a cost reduction template, we adopt the same proven methodology to benchmark the client’s costs and develop sustainable and robust cost reduction solutions. Our consultancy management and cost reduction team apply the methodology as follows:

  • Audit costs and apply a bench mark.
  • Gather data from available sources and analyse.
  • Look at competitive bench marking.
  • Cross quote and manage a tender process.
  • Report on areas of cost savings and alternatives.
  • Apply the report and savings.

Our team will audit and analyse the data we require to benchmark your costs. The majority of our work takes place within our own offices on our computer based comparative model. This keeps any disruption in your offices to a minimum.

Accurate updates are provided throughout the assignment so that you, our client, can understand the directions we are taking and retain total control of the entire process. Our solutions are sustainable, robust and are developed to mirror current specifications and service levels of the commodity in question. We focus on the fine detail and use our experience and expertise to reduce and remove some of the hidden cost areas.

We continue to review your contracts from time to time against our bench marked information and shall keep you appraised of cost savings long after the end of our assignment.

Each tailored business solution is based on a proven methodology. This approach enables us to lead a client through the end-to-end lifecycle of an assignment. The benefits of this approach to cost reduction is that the methodology has been proven to work time and time again and the regular feedback we receive from our customers confirms this.


The cost reduction consultation process for each of our clients is comprehensive and in-depth and we believe in spending as long as necessary with each client to ensure their expectations are met. To do this, we strongly believe in retaining an exclusive client base taking a comparatively small number of clients each year. This exclusive approach is unique within the industry and enables us to guarantee the very best service to all of our clients, developing solutions that are truly specific to their situation.


Its been a hard market in recent times and the demands of the recession are now causing us to look to new ways of growing our business. The use of technology and management principles such as Lean are tools that we need to embed in our growth plans. Nows the time to talk to us as you consider growing your business.

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