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On this page you will be able to find information on our Human Resources application, SaaS, The Product Features, a comprehensive look at the Costing Model, Training, Customisation, a Demonstration and the Terms. FernLeafHR is a Human Resource Management System, delivered as a service over the web (Software as a Service – SaaS). It is a robust framework for effective human resource management and growth, binding people and complex HR processes through a stack of simple and easy-to-use modules. With a track record of successful delivery for clients both large and small, FernLeafHR can be delivered for companies in a number of different ways. Providing straight forward web access or for improved security via VPN (including geographically restricted).

Why use a SaaS HR System

Using SaaS not only can organisations avoid the upfront costs of traditional software perpetual licenses and servers, but they can also redirect their limited inhouse staff from the tedium of ongoing support because this burden falls on the SaaS vendor. This helps to reduce the overall cost of ownership of SaaS solutions.

The multitenant architecture of SaaS enables users to more easily obtain software updates and upgrades than their legacy software counterparts because every user can share the innovations of their peers without having to worry about the enhancements disrupting their unique configurations.

In the past, the idea of vendor-customer ‘partnerships’ was an allusion. Once a software vendor sold a customer a perpetual license for their application, there was little incentive for the vendor to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and success. The subscription pricing model underlying SaaS, puts more pressure on the SaaS vendor to ensure its customers are happy with its solution to increase the likelihood of renewals, service expansion and referrals.

All companies use a human resources department for hiring new employees and giving essential training for the existing staff. For the small comany that department may be the owner and his trusted assistant. The process of hiring and training is one of the most important parts of the human resources role an in reality the process of hiring of new employees is expensive and difficult. This process takes a lot of time. I addition there are also such things as the holidays, benefits, training, payrolls, expenditures and other questions that should be managed by human resources department.

These processes are quite intricate and time consuming and do not allow HR professionals to be concentrated on the staff training and improvement programmes that are an essential part of their role. When mistakes happen it is often because of the quantity and complexity of work they need to do. Some mistakes can be quite expensive for the company that is why a lot of companies search for advanced solutions that can help HR professionals to do their job better.

All these processes used to be done manually and these processes took a lot of time and efforts. Companies and organisations should understand that they need their staff to be constantly trained and improved. This can be done by the HR professionals, however today we have effective automated HR solutions to help. HR solutions are automated highly developed programs that can collect, sort and process the information that concerns recruitment process. In recruitment the candidates can be found quickly by the program using the web. All the important candidate information can be quickly gathered and processed by the automated system and then the software can sort the candidates according to their qualities.

Automated software can specifically create workflows to send and receive letters and recruitment tests to the candidates. The candidates are chosen by the HR software according to the qualities and successful tests. After this process HR professionals can interview the candidates personally. Such programs can give HR professionals free time to train and improve the staff.

Nowadays computers systems are very popular. With their help it is possible to automate lots of jobs and tasks and increase business productivity. Luckily we live in a world of modern technology where you can automate your business management with the help of software. Keep in mind that the Human Resources Solution software should be chosen carefully as it directly affects your business process.

Costing Model

The standard system running your own data based on our own servers is available to you at £30.00 PER MONTH*. You will be able to run up to 25 users on the system which means 25 members of staff with 25 people having access to their own records and out of that 25 any number of administrators that you require. In fact once we grant one person administrative rights it will be up to them to assign rights to other people. Additional licences in blocks are avaiable and a full costing table is set out below at the bottom of this page.

In addition we have a number of add-ons that are avaiable to enhance the standard system.

Data Transfers

Data Transfers can be undertaken by our team to make sure that the system is set up correctly and to save you the cost of inputting the information. Should you wish to take this route we can provide you with a template to complete or we can discuss transfering data from your existing system. Prices for this start at £150 but you will need to contact us for quotes on transfers from an existing systems.

Time and Attendance

Time add-on automates project timekeeping and attendance tracking. This module can be integrated into your firms workflow processes illiminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance recording. This is allows us to organise the way in which you report on time and aattendance.


This is a big issue now for any company large all small. Not only have we to contend with the actual process of selecting the correct person but we have also to keep records of who we have interviewed and if we are sensible their gender and ethnicity. This add-on helps with that process and enables you to report on recruitment very easily whenever asked or challenged.


The Leave add-on is a sophisticated system designed to handle all complex leave accruals, rules, policies and standard leave management. It will deal with all complex leave accruals, rules, policies and standard employee time off.


Security is a key feature of this product. It is compliant with EU Data Protection Regulations and the fact that it is not kept on your equipment ‘in the office’ adds an immediate level of security. Of course it is only accessible over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to add to your peace of mind. We can also adapt the system to run over your very own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to add another layer of security (the VPN will only be configured to access this product or any future products that you buy from Fern Leaf Consulting). If you are sitting in the airport on a public Wi-Fi hotspot and need to access the system you will know that it is secure with your own VPN.

Training and Support

To deal with support first of all we do not think the system needs a great deal of ongoing support. By being hosted with us all technical considerations and hosting support are already dealt with in your monthly subscription. In terms of answering the questions that might arise by buying this product you will automatically become a knowledge member of the site and articles are published from time to time that we hope will answer most day to day questions. We are of course not averse to receiving the ‘odd’ e-mail asking a question or reporting something that you feel could be better or is not right.We do however accept that when people see a new system that they are often bewildered and the syndrome of ‘where do we start’ is often the main barrier to people using the system or adopting a new one. So we do offer training for new and existing users.We are conscious that having bought the system you may not want or be able to afford a large training budget for your team on using FernLeafHR. So we have looked at how best to provide the service tailored to your pocket.


Have a look at the knowledge base where you will find a number of articles on the system and where you can download a brief manual on the FernLeafHR. Once you have bought the product this area is FREE to you or you can register now and gain access to the material.

Knowledge Base

Have a look at the knowledge base where you will find a number of videos on the system. Once you have bought the product this area is FREE to you or you can register now and gain access to the material but it is chargeable until you buy the product. If you think that other subjects should be covered in the video material please do not hesitate to ask.

On-Line Training

If you have a machine, and web cam attached to it, at your office then we can conduct prearranged conferencing for 2 hour sessions with no extra equipment required. Topics such as setting up your company, adding staff or adding the system to your firms intranet. These sessions will enable you to view on screen the system as well as the trainer who will conduct the session as if you were in the office. Each session will cost £250.00+VAT.

On-Site Training

We will come to your site (Currently EU Only) and train your staff for two days. More companies are realising the benefits of on-site training and allowing us to get to know you as a company. We would allow you to select those that you wanted trained and the subjects covered the only real constraint being the facilities that you can provide.We offer from 2-day on-site courses led by one of our experts and you can enjoy greater flexibility, more control and thus stronger results. Our on-site training offerings include:Customised contentPlanning and designCourse materialsOptional instructor mentoringTraining for a small or large groups of studentsWhen you buy on-site training we also offer the following;Free theme and logo change to suit your company free of chargeData entry 10% discount25% discount for customisationThe cost of two days training is £1,800+VAT plus out of pocket expenses (agreed with you before the training takes place)

Product Features


This is the core system setting up company structure‚ pay grades and other information that serves as the framework for the rest of the system. Security levels are administered through this part of the system defining which users are administrators and which can just look at their own information. Features

  • Define Company Info (General Information‚ Company Structure‚ Locations)
  • Define Company Info (General Information‚ Company Structure‚ Locations)
  • Define Job information (Job titles‚ Pay Grades‚ Employment Statuses‚ EEO Job Categories) Define Qualification Information (Education, Licenses)
  • Define Skills (Skills‚ Languages)
  • Define Memberships and Membership types
  • Define Nationalities Races
  • Define Users
  • Configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications
  • Audit trail
  • Define Job information (Job titles‚ Pay Grades‚ Employment Statuses‚ EEO Job Categories)
  • Define Qualification Information (Education, Licenses)
  • Define Skills (Skills‚ Languages)
  • Define Memberships and Membership types
  • Define Nationalities Races
  • Define Users
  • Configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications
  • Audit trail
  • HR forms and policies
  • HR forms and policies
  • Bulletins/News
  • Notifications
Personal Information Module

Of course every Human Resources system has to have the employee information stored and this is the section that allows you to do that. This section is written in such away that data does not have to be keyed twice or even three times reducing mistakes and easing the burden on your administrative staff. It is importing this information that we are often asked if we can help with and the answer is yes that is why we offer a data transfer system or we can even arrange for paper records to be keyed in. Features:

  • Personal Details
  • Profile Picture
  • Contact Details
  • Emergency Contact(s)
  • Dependents
  • Immigration Details
  • Job Information
  • Salary Information
  • Employee Reporting Structure (Assign Supervisors and subordinates)
  • Qualifications
  • Memberships
  • Training Courses
  • Leave Summary
  • Leave List (Applied, Approved, Rejected or Cancelled leave)
  • Attach Files
Employee Self Service

Each employee will have access to their section of the system which enables you to reduce the paperwork generated just from managing people. These functions include;

  • Updating personal Information
  • View leave quota
  • Submit & view personal leave applications & calendar
  • Submit time sheets
  • Perform daily Punch in/out

The functionality of the system makes information available anywhere‚ anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy‚ where everyone can only view the information he / she is authorised to. It is here the real cost benefit for the company can be seen. No need for staff to input and manage holiday forms?

Reports Module

The reports module gives you the benefit of being able to customise and define reports from a range of criteria. You can select to save the defined reports to use again or to share with colleagues. Reports can be extracted into CSV files for use with products like Microsoft Excel.In addition the system comes in its Standard for with a desktop Dashboard which provides you with a graphic representation of your staff requirements live from the system.

Leave Module

The FernLeafHR leave add-on is a sophisticated system designed to handle all complex leave accruals, rules, policies and standard leave management. Recently updated the FernLeafHR leave add-on is a sophisticated system designed to handle all complex leave accruals, rules, policies and standard employee time off.Features:

  • Leave Accrual
  • Advance Leave Rules
  • Leave Carry Forward Rules
  • Country Based Leave
  • Customisable Leave Flow
  • Leave Calendar

This module is available on request.

Time and Attendance Module

This add-on functionality enhances the organisation’s performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance needs. This add-on helps to efficiently organise staff data‚ improve the workforce management and minimize errors in the enforcement of a company’s attendance policies.We can discuss with you how this information is integrated into your workflow systems else where in your firm. Features:

  • Define, customers, projects and project activities
  • Submit timesheets to supervisors for weekly activities
  • Daily attendance tracking (Punch In/Punch Out)
  • Attendance Summary
  • CSV reports
Recruitment Module

This add-on  comprises features which streamline the applicant tracking process effectively.

  • Online recruitment
  • Receive online job applications
  • Configurable application forms and emails
  • Short list and schedule interviews with email notifications
  • Request for approval for hire with email notifications

This is a huge subject and more than any other topic we receive requests for customisation or integration projects for this add-on. Please ask if you need to discuss this further.

Performance Add-on

This will facilitate the process of generating performance appraisals for employees. Create employee performance reviews and communicate your expectations effectively. Define key performance indicators for each job title. Features

  • KPI List
  • Add KPI
  • Copy KPI
  • Add Reviews
  • Search Reviews
  • Scale employee performance


Should you wish to have the site customised in anyway so that it fits your company style or language fits your compliance structure or any ISO standard then please contact us and we are happy to consider the request and provide you with a quote for the project.

Terms and Conditions

This service is governed by these Terms and Conditions which you should read before purchasing. To be transparent any work that we undertake at your instructions to set up a project or undertake a data transfer or any part of an un-used months subscription will not be refunded. Your only notice is to cancel your next months payment which will result in the suspension of your service. See also Privacy Policy Cookies Policy Terms and Conditions


By clicking here on demo you can have access to a demonstration of the site which you can play with using our demonstration data (this data is reset at midnight each day). The current Login credentials are Username: Admin and Password: Password!! these will be changed from time to time but you can always find them here.


*Minimum figures on this page are calculated as one twelfth of an annual payment in advance. People wishing to use a hosted cloud service may pay monthly in advance please request further details by clicking here. Clients wishing to have data transferred from different applications should ask for a quote.

Our Human Resourses System will integrate with both our HR and MIS system. The terms of use for all of our SAAS products can be found here.

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